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Batty Batom Bullpen – P. Craig Russell

posted on September 16, 2017

To say that P. Craig Russell marches to his own drummer is to understate the case by quite a bit. But, if dogged determination to go your own way produces wondrous work like this, then, for Craig, it’s obviously the way to go. His work is rhapsodic effusive and passionate… not to mention beautiful to take in.

So when I was thinking of someone to capture the ineffable Blue Astra on paper, Mr. Russell was my first (and only, really) choice. Happily he said yes. You can see his beautiful Blue Astra cover in the Gallery and bid on it in the Heritage Auction on November 17th. Hope you win.

Batty batom Bullpen – Russ Heath

posted on September 9, 2017

Next up in the cover gallery is a beauty by Russ Heath. I had talked to Russ at Comic-Con about doing a cover and had even suggested one riffing off of two of his signature strips, The Silent Knight and The Haunted Tank, where we would see a knight jousting with a tank. I had given him some of the Starbuck Jones covers as examples and, when I got his cover, much to my surprise, it turned out to be a Starbuck Jones piece.

I had finished the hunt for the Starbuck Jones story arc in Funky, but I was able to repurpose this work as a coloring book cover in the Cliff Anger story and it worked perfectly. That story drew heavily on my younger days and one of my pride possessions back then was a Superman coloring book. So I found that cover online and “borrowed” the lettering style from that book and incorporated it into the Starbuck cover.

I went back to Russ again with my earlier idea and this time he nailed it, but you’ll have to wait until that cover pops up in the Gallery to see how cool it really is.

Batty Batom Bullpen – Rick Burchett Rides Again

posted on August 26, 2017

With this really fun western cover, Rick Burchett becomes the second artist to create more than one Batom Comics cover. Truth be told, however, this is really more of a Rick Burchett cover than a Batom cover. When Rick and I were wrapping up the Moon Mile Meek cover, he asked about doing a western piece. I told him the the Arizona Ranger was the only western character I had and that Don Perlin had already drawn a great cover featuring him. That was when Rick suggested this cover. The Kid Kidd and a gunfight with a gorilla was too cool to pass up, so, even though it wasn’t one of my sixth grade characters, I green-lighted it. My contribution to this beauty was the star box with “The Kid battles the fallout from Radioactive Ranch”. I also shoehorned the Kid Kidd into the Batom Comics continuity by making him the Arizona Ranger when he was, well, a kid. And then Rick simply took the ball and knocked it out of the park. Sometimes it can be pretty cool to back off and let someone else (who’s really talented) play with your toys.

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