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posted on March 19, 2017

Got to see some magic happen yesterday evening. The Smithereens played at The Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio and they were hands down the best rock ‘n’ roll band in the land last night, and staked their claim to being one of the best American rock bands ever. Certainly Dennis Diken is one of rock’s very best drummers, and Pat DiNizio has one of rock’s most distinctive voices… and last night Jim Babjak and Severo “The Thrilla” Jornacion stood shoulder to shoulder with them. It was a transformative evening and one of those times when you felt bad for the people who weren’t there listening to The Smithereens rock – the – house because it was the only place that mattered last night. Their love for and belief in the life-affirming power of rock ‘n’roll comes through in their playing and it can’t help but make you smile and transport you, if only for an evening, to a better place. On the day when Chuck Berry passed away, there was no finer way to celebrate his legacy than by watching and listening to The Smithereens perform their rock ‘n’ roll magic.

Sunday News

posted on January 9, 2017


As the Akron Comicon was winding down last November, I did a quick spin around the dealer room and spotted a guy selling old New York Sunday News comic sections. The price was right so I picked up a year’s worth… 1947 to be exact. I’ve always wondered what it must have been like to open a comics section back in the day and read the adventures of Prince Valiant, Terry and the Pirates, Flash Gordon, and the venerable Dick Tracy. So this year I plan to enjoy one of the these comic sections every Sunday and (channeling the Twilight Zone) imagine that I’m lying on the living room carpet and reading it back when the comics were truly king.


posted on October 13, 2016


I suppose it was inevitable. This is a picture of what I was doing this past weekend… bringing the logs in for our winter fires. The plan is for them to keep me toasty while I sit by the fire reading the beautiful Titan editions of Hal Foster’s Tarzan that I picked up at SDCC this summer.

Before then, however, I still have some book signings on the docket starting with the Buckeye Book Fair on November 5th, the Akron Comic Con on November 6th, a Storytellers Session and signing at the Music Box in Cleveland on November 16th, and wrapping things up with a lunchtime signing at the Kent State University Bookstore on December 1st. Details on these signings can be found at the Events section on this site. I hope I get to see some of you along the road before we raise the drawbridge here at the Cartoon Castle and hunker down for the winter.

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