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Flash Fridays – The Flash # 265 September 1978

posted on December 4, 2020

Following their perilous adventure with the Golden Glider, Barry and Iris embark on a second honeymoon and run smack into a nest of aliens hiding out in a remote hotel. What are the chances? Well, apparently they’re pretty good when an irresistible power locks onto your mind as Barry describes happening to him. It seems that the aliens have been on Earth for awhile disguised as humans while they went about their work of planting four cosmictron power rods. Having not so long ago finished Robots and Empire as part of my journey through Asimov’s empire novels where devices are planted across the Earth in an effort to destroy it, these actions by the aliens appear to bode ill intent. Which is exactly what Barry suspects as he begins to investigate things and the aliens come after him with seemingly menacing weapons. I say seemingly because, when the Flash finally confronts the aliens, it turns out that they’re here to do the population of Earth a good turn. So maybe the menacing weapons were just cosmic super soakers of some kind.

Long story short (because I’d still like to do some reading tonight), it seems that the aliens home world passed through the tail of a comet with the result that all disease on their world was wiped out. Since their planet was about to experience the comet crossing again, the cosmitron power rods  the aliens were planting were intended to have the Earth and the alien planet momentarily swap places so that the human race (and I assume the pigs and the bunnies et al) could experience the same good fortune as the Earth passed through the comet’s tail. All without anyone knowing. At the end, the Flash ponders about how everyone on Earth just got a split second “vaccination” from a passing comet. I don’t think I need to point out the irony of this story turning-up at this particular point in time do I? Kind of makes you want to go out into the backyard and ignore the current conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and, instead look for passing comments.

PS The Kids Flash also involved and alien who was here to clean-up an irradiated lake. Apparently it was aliens do a a good turn month.


Match to Flame 133

posted on December 2, 2020

Speaking of books and pizza, another interesting Funky book was published around this time. The publisher of a pizza industry trade magazine called Pizza Today got in touch, wanting to put together a collection of all of the Montoni’s pizza strips that I had done, and shortly thereafter a book titled A Pizza Pilgrim’s Progress was born. Montoni’s and its owner Tony Montoni had been a fixture in Funky from the very early days. I don’t know precisely what sparked me to add a pizzeria initially other than it made a good place for my high school characters to hang out, much like the already dated Pop Tate’s Chock’lit Shoppe in Archie. I suppose updating things was a valid enough reason, but Montoni’s soon grew beyond that simple premise, taking on a life of its own on its way to becoming a major support beam in the strip.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume 8

As Addictions Go…

posted on December 1, 2020

Michael Gilbert sent me this from his Facebook page. In these curious times when laughs are as rare as a mint Red Raven #1, this definitely brought a chuckle. Thanks to Michael for letting me post it here.

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