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Final Update

posted on October 12, 2010

When my son was little, we used to go on guys nights out where our first destination for the evening would be Luigi’s Pizza in Akron. The place was magical and the pizza was the best. Every time we left, I left with another little bit that I would use in Montoni’s until one day I had appropriated the entire restaurant for my strip. If you ever want to visit Montoni’s, just drop by Luigi’s in Akron. It’s all there from the tiffany lamp to the bandbox over the door and right down to the nails in the floor.

And, if you want a taste of Luigi’s without going to Akron, just come to the Lisa’s Legacy Run/Walk this Sunday October 17th where Luigi’s has graciously offered to provide pizza for the runners after the race. Believe me, it alone is worth the trip. Hope to see you there.

Race Update

posted on October 5, 2010

The month of September had to be the fastest in recorded history. Instead of worrying about global warming, we should be concerning ourselves with the apparent changes in the space time continuum. Or maybe it’s just me.

In any event, the Lisa’s Legacy Run Walk is almost upon us, and I just wanted to mention a couple of things in regard to it. Along with the race itself, University Hospitals is planning a health fair in conjunction with it. There will be doctors and other health care providers available to any participant who has some questions. It’s a great opportunity get some questions answered and to learn what you can do to improve your health and fitness. I’m planning to ask someone why I can’t run as fast as I used to, although I suspect I already know the answer. And, of course, I’ll be there to meet runners and walkers, sign books, and commiserate about why we can’t run as fast as we used to.

All of the information about the race along with a link to get signed-up can be found under the Lisa’s Legacy Fund section on this website.  It’s a beautiful time of the year to get out and run for a worthy cause, so lace ’em up and we’ll see you there.