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The Thurber Attic

posted on September 30, 2017

Wednesday night was the first stop on the book tour at the Columbus Museum of Art. I want to thank Thurber House for three things. First, for sponsoring the terrific launch and signing…

Second, for putting me up over night in Thurber’s attic where I read The Night the Bed Fell while in the very attic described in the story…

And third, for inviting me to add my name to the other authors who have signed the wall in Thurber’s closet.

Lisa’s Legacy Trilogy on the Road

posted on September 26, 2017

I’m about to take the Lisa’s Legacy Trilogy to the street. The schedule of where I’ll be giving talks and signing books is on the Events page. Hope to see you there, and happy trails.

John Darling – Take 78

posted on September 24, 2017

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