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Tom Corbet Space Cadet

posted on February 27, 2018

This is probably going to brand me as the old fart that I probably am, but, as I watched Star Wars – The Last Jedi, I found myself wondering what was left for a viewer to imagine anymore. Not a lot. What this will do to imaginations long term is an unknown, but before there was a rebel command center or the bridge of the Enterprise, there was the deck of the Polaris with Cadet Astro, Cadet Tom Corbet, Cadet Roger Manning and Captain Strong. There wasn’t a great deal to work with there, but it allowed a viewer’s imagination to run wild and perhaps, just perhaps, one day imagine something like… Star Wars.

John Darling – Take 103

posted on February 25, 2018

Cover Me 7

posted on February 24, 2018

The red record dot in the upper left corner is a masterful touch that ramps everything up to eleven.

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