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The Atomic Bomb Ring

posted on September 12, 2018

I’ve written in this space before about how I picked up a long run of the New York Daily News Sunday comics sections at the Akron ComicCon. Half the fun of reading those old Sunday pages was seeing the ads that ran in those sections. This ad in particular caught my attention. I thought about kids back then holding the Atomic Bomb Rings up to their eyes to “squint into the secret lens to see real atoms spit to smithereens!”, but  I figured that they actually wouldn’t put radium into the rings… and they didn’t. They used polonium! The same stuff that was once used to assassinate a former Soviet spy.

Well, that was just too good to ignore, so I turned it into a story that runs this month in Funky as the gang at Atomik Komix finds that their new promotional give-away has some radioactive strings attached.

John Darling – Take 131

posted on September 9, 2018


A lot of John Darling was about exploring John’s oversized ego. I always loved how Tom Armstrong would put a star on JD’s coffee mug.

Cover me 32

posted on September 8, 2018

The mere fact that comic book publishers expend so much coin and effort on variant covers is testimony to the power that covers possess. As variant covers go, this Flash cover is one of the outstanding ones.