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John Darling – Take 141

posted on November 25, 2018

At the time, we nearly lost the Rocky Mountain News over this one, but cooler heads prevailed. It opened my eyes to the fact that satirizing how sleazy TV was getting was not going to be an easy tell.

Cover Me – 42

posted on November 23, 2018

This cover introduced me to Hunter and I became a huge fan. When I created the Eliminator, the video games  phenom in Funky, I “borrowed” Hunter’s helmet for him (actually “her”since we now know that Donna, Crazy Harry’s wife, was the Eliminator) as an homage to him.

Goodreads Giveaway

posted on November 21, 2018

Goodreads is holding a giveaway for the Complete Funky Winkerbean, up to and including Volume 8 which will be released at the end of December. All copies will be personally signed and it will be a chance to get a sneak peek at Volume 8 which covers the first time-jump that I did in Funky. To check it all out simply use the link below… and good luck!