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Comic-Con Confidential Two

posted on July 31, 2019

Scan your Comic-Con badge and come inside with me.

There’s a lot to see and a lot of folks there to see it.

Ok, now along with everything else that I envy about Neal Adams, I can now add banner envy (not to be confused with envying the Hulk).

Comic-Con Confidential One

posted on July 30, 2019

I attended Comic-Con this year with my son Brian, and, if you take all of the hype that you hear about Comic-Con and double it, you’ll come pretty close to how it feels to hit the sidewalk in front of San Diego’s Convention Center. It literally hums (and I know I used literally wrong there but I literally don’t care). There’s no question about this being the granddaddy of all comic book conventions.

Plus, you’ll never know who you’ll see there.

John Darling – Take 178

posted on July 29, 2019

And this is why John Darling will never be collected in a book (one of several actually). Topical humor often doesn’t age very well (as well it shouldn’t if you’re doing it right).

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