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Funky/ Cranky Cross

posted on July 16, 2019

These are some reference shots that I took at the county fair last summer for a small crossover story that will be running in Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft in a couple of weeks. The county fair is always a sort of marker for me and it seems that I generally end up writing about it in one strip or the other. Last summer was a bit different since I came home from the fair, wrote the crossover arc, and then returned to the fair the next day to gather some reference. I can’t believe that it’s almost time for the fair again. Something is seriously out of whack with the space-time continuum.


Johnny D is in the Building

posted on July 15, 2019

This a prop that was used to show John Darling sitting at the desk on the Today Show when Tom Armstrong and I were guests on the show.

John Darling – Take 176

posted on July 14, 2019

A strip from way back when that unfortunately still resonates. That was the problem with John Darling… every bit of outrageous satire I came up with eventually became a reality.

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