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John Darling – Take 176

posted on July 14, 2019

A strip from way back when that unfortunately still resonates. That was the problem with John Darling… every bit of outrageous satire I came up with eventually became a reality.

Cover Me – 70

posted on July 13, 2019

I know I said that portrait covers were starting to bore me, but this one didn’t. A pretty striking piece of art.

Match to Flame 103

posted on July 12, 2019

To King Features’ credit, they did make an effort to insert Funky into the marketplace. Not as much for Funky all on its own, but generally as part of a bundled package that would include the other comic characters that they syndicated. One of these efforts involved Funky appearing on a box of morning cereal called Morning Funnies, which would feature comic strips on the box. The concept seemed like a natural transition and should have been a screaming success—which it might have been if not for the fact that the cereal was pretty much inedible. It was oddly colored with all of the colors of the rainbow and then some, and the oddness continued with the taste itself. Great box concept, though. At least Funky got to appear in an ad with Popeye, which all on its own was pretty darn cool.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Six