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Match to Flame 110

posted on October 26, 2019

As I had before, I engineered a crossover between Funky and John Darling when Westview’s principal Fred Fairgood was interviewed on John’s show. Once again we are presenting the strips from John Darling as well for your edification. 

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Six

Cover Me – 80

posted on October 25, 2019

This Gil Kane cover seem to me to straddle two eras. The space pilot to the left clearly comes from old school (thirties/forties) depictions of spacemen and space hardware. But the spaceship seen through the window exhibits the beginnings of a more modern (for back then) structure for such vehicles. Something that Kane would soon become a leader in developing and depicting.

Music Box Wrap

posted on October 24, 2019

Last night at The Music Box Supper Club in the Flats in downtown Cleveland I had a great time with host Mike Miller as we talked about all things Crankshaft.


It was a super crowd in a wonderful venue. And great food as well  I might add.

If you get a chance to experience The Music Box don’t pass on it or you’ll be missing one of the coolest stages in Cleveland. There are two more signing events on tap this Fall before I fold my tent and settle into the winter season and they can be found in the Events section on this site.