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Match to Flame 141

posted on January 27, 2021

As if the First Cartooning Commandment wasn’t enough to spoil your day, it was followed by:

The Second Cartooning Commandment: Thou shalt return to “Go” at the start of each new strip, and your characters shall never grow up.

I refer to this as the “Peter Pan Principal,” and it’s one of the reasons that the newspaper comics have been relegated to the stagnant backwaters of the entertainment industry. Okay, before I continue, I should acknowledge that I’m speaking in the broadest of generalities here and that there have been, and still are, obvious and wonderful exceptions to what I’m about to say. I get that, I accept that, and I don’t care about that. I’m trying to make a point here, and I don’t want the waters muddied with contradictory facts and stuff. Simply put, I had moved my characters into their adult lives and was on a roll with the work collected in this volume as I attempted to plot their futures. Meanwhile, their companions on the comics page were on a roller coaster that returned to the same starting point every day. Every. Day.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume 9

John Darling – Take 250

posted on January 24, 2021


Cover Me 138

posted on January 23, 2021

Dan Jurgens run as the writer of this book comes to and end with issue #50. A heartfelt tip of the Funky felt-tip to what has been one of the best books out there in recent years. So sad to see such a solid sender go, but then most of DC’s editorial decisions of late have been pretty baffling so it’s not surprising.