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Cover Me 143

posted on March 20, 2021

I saw this book on a spinner rack at the Captain EZ Confectionery a few blocks from our first apartment. Couldn’t resist the cover. Picked it up and later “borrowed” the Hunter helmet for a character I’d just created in Funky called the Eliminator. Said helmet, coinkadinkily enough, will show-up in a Funky story arc next year.

Match to Flame 144

posted on March 19, 2021

Quickly moving on, there’s also Les and Lisa’s wedding with all of its promises, fears, hopes and dreams, and more twists and turns than could have been predicted by a drunken gypsy fortune-teller. Plus, they’re married on Halloween dressed as Batman and Robin (there’s that comic book stuff again; maybe they do rot your brain). It’s here that I also begin expressing time in a nonlinear fashion by starting a story, walking away from it for a spell, and then picking up the threads of the story again, much the way these things happen in life. So we see the early discussions about marriage and the preparations, the near derailment of the wedding more than once, and the wedding itself—life all moving along in an approximation of a real lifetime as fate and fortune weave themselves into time’s fabric. By allowing my characters to have a time-driven existence, I get to explore everything that flows from that . . . goodness and evil, happiness and sadness, weakness and strength, failure and success, love and grief, youth and age, and the quest for meaning. And the vehicle for all of this is story.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume 9

St. Spires Behind the Scenes 2

posted on March 17, 2021

So I showed up on a rainy March afternoon at the church that stands-in for St. Spires and spent about an hour trying to capture all of the scenes that I was seeing in my head for the story, make that stories, that I was already writing.

Having a full understanding of the settings, somehow makes the telling of the stories richer and adds a certain verisimilitude. In short, they work better.

I left with a cache of reference material that would sustain me through the whole project. I got the pix taken just under the wire because the next day our state went into lockdown.