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Elementals Force Cover 2

posted on February 23, 2022

Here are some prelims of the Strong Force and the Elementals Force engaged in battle.

The winner…

And the winner win all of the trade dress added…

And the final with Rob Ro’s terrific colors.



Elementals Force Cover

posted on February 22, 2022

The February 13 Funky Sunday featured my Elementals Force battling the Strong Force. What follows are James Pascoe’s sketches for the Strong Force characters. Can I hear a “nailed it” for James?

A very punk looking Pion…

An authoritative looking leader in Baryon…

A couple of takes on Meson…

And, of course, Hadron the Collider!

John Darling – Take 307

posted on February 20, 2022


Artist Gerry Shamray had suggested the TV Trivia Teaser topper for the John Darling drop panels and became the guy who researched and put them together.