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Funky’s 50th – The Early Middle Years

posted on March 28, 2022

 In 1986 the character Lisa became pregnant while in high school. The response to those four short seminal weeks was greater than any I had received up to that point. There were so many requests for copies of that series that we put together a special booklet collecting the strips, Life’s Lessons Aren’t Always Learned in the Classroom, and sent out more than sixty thousand copies. When the requests continued to come in, we had to go back for a second printing.


The origins of Lisa in my sketchbook.

My readers give me a chance to grow.

Funky’s first milestone event pretty much says it all.

This era also marked the arrival of Crankshaft. He would later drive bus 13 which somehow seemed more appropriate.


The story and the context surrounding it can all be found in The Complete Funky Winkerbean Vol.5

Funky’s 50th – The Beginning

posted on March 27, 2022

In 1972, I was teaching Junior High art and doing a comic strip called Rapping Around, about kids in school, for a local paper.

 I took that work to the newspaper syndicates, and on March 27th, 1972 Funky Winkerbean first appeared on the comics page. 

I sat down at my drawing board in 1972…

And when I looked up at the clock, 50 unbelievable years had gone by.


November 6,1973 saw the first appearance of Harry L. Dinkle the World’s Greatest Band Director and a legend was born.


All of this and much more of Funky’s early beginnings can be found in The Complete Funky Winkerbean Vol. 1







John Darling – Take 312

posted on March 26, 2022