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A tip of the Funky Felt Tip

posted on April 3, 2022

Just a moment to thank everyone who contacted me with congrats for making it to Funky’s 50th year, including a special shout out to Black Lightning creator Tony Isabell for his very cool basket of 50th anniversary word balloon cookies.

A few folks asked if I thought way back when I started that Funky would one day turn fifty, and I have to admit I didn’t. Forty-eight and a half years absolutely, but, yeah, not fifty. The biggest gift my readers have given me is following Funky on his arc through the decades. Like my readers, I grew older right along with Funky. The things I do for research. And now, as soon as I send the next batch of strips off to the syndicate, it’s back to the drawing board and Monday’s deadline. Thanks again to all.