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Asimov 2

posted on August 26, 2020

I actually completed my second book in my journey through Asomov’s galactic empire novels a bit ago and it was fun revisiting those stories. I had seen this book in Jean Luc’s home on Picard, and hadn’t realized that all of the robot stories had been culled into one giant book (Let’s cal it “almost all” since Robot Visions isn’t included), which is max handy. Watching Asimov age Susan Calvin through the stories was fascinating, and it made me wonder if I had pocketed that idea reading these stories as a youngster as something I’d like to do if given the opportunity. I did that a quite a bit in those days. At any rate, my blast through my and Asimov’s past is continuing in the The Caves of Steel which I’ve almost completed. Next up – The Naked Sun.