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Behind the Books – Book 5

posted on July 15, 2021

By 1979, Tempo was starting to wind down their licensed cartoon books, but there was still time for them to bring out the one and only John Darling book. John Darling had been an anchor and reporter in Funky before I spun him off into his own strip and made him a talk show host.  The book is a nice cross section of the early Darling strips, and it showcases the terrific artwork of Tom Armstrong. Tom’s spot-on-caricatures allowed me to take the work wherever celebs and media stars gathered, and we did. You can see some of Tom’s artwork in the posts on my blog on this site tagged John Darling.

Tom put more into his artwork than anyone, as evidenced by this cover where the floor director has six fingers on the hand pointing to John. High marks certainly for enthusiasm… somewhat lower ones for accuracy.