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Behind the Books – Book 9

posted on November 18, 2021

I was working in my studio one afternoon when I got a call from a band director saying that he had just taken his band to play at Carnegie Hall and was wondering if I wanted to hear about it. I stopped drawing, grabbed a yellow legal pad, and started taking notes. Connecting with readers, and in turn having them reconnect back with you is one of the real pleasures of doing a comic strip. My band director, Harry L. Dinkle has been a prime mover in this regard. It’s one of the reasons that led to this whole series of books featuring him.

It was always great fun taking Harry to that next level, and playing Carnegie Hall was one of those. A later trip to New York allowed me to do some photo research at the renowned musical venue where I immediate envisioned Harry in the poster display just under the Tiffany style lettering, and then later as the cover for the third book in the Norman Lee collection.