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Match to Flame 75

posted on June 12, 2018

There were times when I would imagine that I lived in a world where cartoonists were free to write about whatever interested them, that their creations would belong to them and no one else, that the concerns of commerce were not their concerns. In essence, that they were happily free to pursue their art. Then a butterfly would flap its wings and I would find myself back in 1984 (not that 1984, but close) and the vexing realities of the real world would set in. I was entering a period of bone-rattling changes. My syndicate, Field Enterprises/Publishers-Hall, was about to be sold; my cocreator on John Darling, Tom Armstrong, would soon take leave of the strip; I would attempt to syndicate yet another comic strip with a brand-new syndicate; I would coauthor a high school musical; and I would begin taking steps to rectify the draconian contract that I signed in my callow youth. I had been tagged by my syndicate as one of their “quiet” contributors, and that was true because until that point everything had been OK. However, things were becoming less OK by the minute.

From The Complete Funky Winkerbean Volume Five