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The Subterranean 2

posted on August 3, 2021

Here’s an early Pascoe sketch for the Subterranean cover.

Here’s a second pass with a more dynamic look.

And here’s the final cover with full trade dress and Funky colorist Rob Ro’s cool colors. It rocks (sorry)!

The Subterranean 1

posted on August 2, 2021

When artist James Pascoe and I were planning the cover for the first issue of the Subterranean which ran in yesterday’s Funky Winkerbean Sunday strip, he first worked up some sketches of how Subby might look.


This second one was closer to how I’d envisioned the character, and we went with that with the proviso of changing the onesie to a pair of shorts.

Wendy meets Wendy

posted on June 8, 2021

When artist Thom Zahler sent over his first rough for the recent Wayback Wendy cover, I really liked the composition showing Wendy’s older self coming back through a time portal. However, since, in the strip, Ruby Lith and Mindy were talking about the paucity of older women in comic books, I wanted the older Wendy to be demonstrably older and wearing more age appropriate clothing.

When I got Thom’s second sketch, it was immediately green lit for another gorgeous Zahler/Atomik Komix cover.