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Denny O’Neil

posted on June 16, 2020

I just heard from a friend about the passing of Denny O’Neil. His topical and relevant approach to story telling in Green Lantern hit the stands just as I was about to start my journey with Funky Winkerbean, and it became lodged in the back of my mind. It was impressive work. As my friend also pointed out, the above panel is as meaningful and on point today as the day it first appeared. How sad.

The Stardusters – Everything Old is New Again

posted on June 1, 2020

A Funky reader saw my Stardusters Sunday and shared a broadside promoting an appearance by a band his uncle had by the same name. It shows a couple of things. First, that there’s nothing really new under the sun, and second that Funky’s readers are the coolest and best in the world.

No Pajamas

posted on January 28, 2020

Terri Libenson’s elegiac Pajama Diaries is no more. Terri, who wrote the foreword for Volume Eight of The Complete Funky Winkerbean, decided to end her comic strip and move on to other projects. The beleaguered newspaper comics section can ill afford the loss of a strip of this craftsmanship. And the strips remaining on the comics page can ill afford the loss of a competitor of this caliber (and if you don’t think Terri is a competitor, ask her to show you the medal she won at a past Lisa’s Legacy run). Terri and her thoughtful and considered take on life will be missed by her readers among which this ink stained colleague includes himself.

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