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The Boys of Summer

posted on October 9, 2018

With major league baseball in the midst of it’s last hurrah for the season, it might be a nice time to think of the baseball fan or fans in your life.  Strike Four contains every baseball strip ever done in Crankshaft (so far) and it ranges from Ed trying to save a local ball field from destruction to pitching against Fidel Castro way back in the day. If you order a book and want it signed to some special baseball fan in your life, you can contact me here at this site and we can make that happen. Play ball.

On the Shelf

posted on August 3, 2018

That’s me just out of frame there drinking an iced mocha as I wander through a bookstore. I know Father’s day has passed, but, if you’ve got a dad who’s a baseball fan and whose birthday is coming up, Crankshaft’s Strike Four containing all of the baseball strips from Crankshaft might  just fill the bill. Check out “Books” on this site.

Odds and Book Shelf Ends

posted on July 3, 2018

I love visiting bookstores… and it’s even more fun when you bump into something like this as I did at a local B&N. Pretty cool. However, if you don’t want to leave the house because you’re trying to avoid this summer’s blistering heat, you can find all of these books and more at the “Books” section on this site. Happy reading.

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