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posted on October 13, 2016


I suppose it was inevitable. This is a picture of what I was doing this past weekend… bringing the logs in for our winter fires. The plan is for them to keep me toasty while I sit by the fire reading the beautiful Titan editions of Hal Foster’s Tarzan that I picked up at SDCC this summer.

Before then, however, I still have some book signings on the docket starting with the Buckeye Book Fair on November 5th, the Akron Comic Con on November 6th, a Storytellers Session and signing at the Music Box in Cleveland on November 16th, and wrapping things up with a lunchtime signing at the Kent State University Bookstore on December 1st. Details on these signings can be found at the Events section on this site. I hope I get to see some of you along the road before we raise the drawbridge here at the Cartoon Castle and hunker down for the winter.

Fair Night

posted on August 17, 2016

County fair

As hard as it is to believe, the county fair has rolled around again. The atmosphere, the food and the rides are all pretty much the same which I suppose is why they continue to be such a draw. They provide some sense of continuity in a world that pretty much chews up continuity for breakfast each day. I’ve written before about my ambivalent feelings about county fairs. They’ve always been a celebration of summer and good times that seemed to be tinged around the edges with a touch of melancholy. Like a Brian Wilson song come to life.

Crankshaft Bobblehead Night

posted on August 2, 2016



On Friday July 29th, the Toledo Mud Hens retired Ed Crankshaft’s team jersey and the first two thousand fans at the game received a Crankshaft bobblehead. It was the culmination of a story that started rather simply. I just wanted to tell a tale about Crankshaft reaching for the brass ring but only getting his fingerprints on it. Baseball and the Mud Hens by extension became my metaphor. I took the Mud Hens to my heart, and, they in turn, took Crankshaft to theirs putting their famous fictional teammate in their Entertainment Hall of Fame. My thanks to the Mud Hens for making it a magical evening that won’t be forgotten.



For those interested in reading Ed Crankshaft’s baseball adventures, they’re all collected in this award winning book that can be purchased at the Books section of this website.

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