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Return to the Road

posted on February 19, 2019

I’ve been enjoying the long cold Ohio winter and the chance it affords to really sink into my writing and the research for that work. That being said, the Ohio Music Educators Association convention is always a welcome harbinger of the book signing season to come. It’s my opportunity to meet with the fans of Harry L. Dinkle the World’s Greatest Band Director (it’s all caps because that’s what Harry officially had his name changed to), and once again greet many familiar faces. The OMEA is always a generous and gracious host and I look forward to touching bases each year with my musical roots. Along with playing trombone in the marching band, I also took eight years of classical piano, so walking the convention floor never fails to bring back a flood of familiar memories.


It’s the first opportunity each year for the latest volume of The Complete Funky Winkerbean to step into the spotlight…


Before I head back home to my winter’s charge of beginning work on the intro to the next volume… oh yeah, and work on a couple of comic strips too.


Last One for the Road

posted on November 14, 2018

Just wrapped my last and best talk/signing event at Baldwin Wallace University last evening and it was a terrific end to the road season for this year. I’d like to thank everyone at Baldwin Wallace University for all of the work that went into making the event the success that it was from the promotion on NPR, to the tech help, to the chocolate chip cookies and punch they had for everyone. I also appreciate them choosing Lisa’s Story as one of the selections for their Graphic Novels course this Fall.

I even got to swap sketches with a student/artist during the book signing. She got a sketch of Lisa in her book, and she shared the sketch of me that she made during my talk.

A last look at the Akron Comicon

posted on November 6, 2018

The 2018 Akron Comicon is now in the rearview mirror and it was a blast as usual. The new venue was way cool with everyone in the same room making it feel like an old fashioned con… with actual comic books no less. Can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.

Felt a little blue, to be honest, when it was all over. But the good news is that there’ll be another one next year!

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