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Splish Splash 4

posted on July 8, 2021

Okay, this is just me here invoking house rules when I refer to this as a deflecto-grabber splash. I’m sure you won’t hear anyone else calling it that, but it’s the kind of thing that Stan would quite often do. It’s where you open a Daredevil book only to find Dr. Strange, Thor and Captain America and are thrown for just a nano second by Stan’s artful deflection of your thoughts in a different direction. Then you bounce back as you realize that Foggy Nelson is in a costume shop. It’s a deft touch that grabs your attention while also billboarding other titles without you even feeling it.


Splish Splash 3

posted on June 1, 2021

So here we have an example of a set-up splash. It’s the kind where a situation or problem is posited which the story will then go onto resolve. And that’s the hook… will Babyface fall on his baby face or prove his mettle? Hopefully that’s enough to pull you into the story and keep you going. The master of the set-up splash was Bob Kanigher who wrote and edited the bulk of the war material for DC Comics in the Silver Age. The only thing that ever varied in a Kanigher splash was the nature of the problem to be resolved…

and sometimes…

even that

never changed.