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Rought Stuff in the Pipeline

posted on May 27, 2020

These are some roughs from deep in the pipeline for a Rick Burchett Atomik Komix cover that will run in Funky in the Fall.


Pulp in the Pipeline

posted on March 11, 2020

Here’s some nifty Rick Burchett art from early pencils to inks that’s in the pipeline for an upcoming, yes, you guessed it, comic book cover. It features Atomic Komix’s second crossover cover (the first was Wayback Wendy and Miss American for the completists out there). It would have been the first crossover cover, but story considerations caused it to be bumped back. The cover will finally run in the April 19th Funky Sunday. So there’s your heads-up, kids. Buy extra copies and trade ’em with friends for the Wayback Wendy cross you missed! Collect ’em all 😉


Rip in the Pipeline

posted on September 11, 2019

The Pipeline previously offered two peeks at an an upcoming Rip Tide cover. Here we’ve settled on the final design. Looks pretty promising.