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Splish Splash 2

posted on March 26, 2021

Another way that a splash page can front a story is by dropping the reader into the middle of the story, or in medias res, if you want to get all schooly about it. In this case, there’s no intro or expository dialog, you’re simply plopped right in the middle of, hopefully, an intriguing, exciting pivotal scene in the story. Then the details leading up to that moment can be backfilled in flashbacks. This can be done either by going back the start of the story or by feeding the reader pieces of information on a need-to-know basis. Of course, if you have Barry Smith illustrating your story, you’ll have the reader’s attention no matter what you do.

St. Spires Behind the Scenes 2

posted on March 17, 2021

So I showed up on a rainy March afternoon at the church that stands-in for St. Spires and spent about an hour trying to capture all of the scenes that I was seeing in my head for the story, make that stories, that I was already writing.

Having a full understanding of the settings, somehow makes the telling of the stories richer and adds a certain verisimilitude. In short, they work better.

I left with a cache of reference material that would sustain me through the whole project. I got the pix taken just under the wire because the next day our state went into lockdown.


St. Spires Behind the Scenes

posted on March 16, 2021

A little over a year ago at my last in-person book signing during the Ohio Music Educators Conference, a retired band director told me that he had a new gig playing organ for a church choir. For whatever reason, I was totally charmed by that idea and decided that it would be a perfect fit for my retired band director Harry L. Dinkle. I’d need a church, of course, so I decided to use the one that I already had in Crankshaft, St. Spires. Now I already had some reference for St. Spires, but nothing dealing with the choir loft.

So I called and asked if I could come over and take some pix in and around the choir loft. They generously allowed me to do that, and I’ll show you the results of that in St. Spires part 2.

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