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The End of Eternity

posted on July 16, 2020

Given that the stay-at-home order earlier this year made me something of a temporal billionaire, I decided to spend some of that coin by rereading all of Isaac Asimov’s Empire novels again. I started with The End of Eternity which is a terrific time travel novel. Now there are a couple of schools of thought online about where this book fits into the cannon. Some posit that it should be an appetizer for the other books, while others considered it more of an aperitif to be enjoyed at the end. Since I seem to recall that Asimov actually referenced this novel in one of the later Foundation books, I opted for the beginning. However or whenever you read it, the book is a very clever piece of joy. I’m a huge fan of Asimov’s work and figure that I’ll be enjoying this little project of mine well into the Fall. Up next, The Complete Robot.